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(WARNING) This Sleep meditation will bring you tremendous amounts of MONEY! Welcome to YOUR new Life

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Get 8 courses for 2 dollars, sign up here : FOR COACHING & COLLABORATIONS: Expect large amounts of money in one hour! ( Subconsious impression meditation) • Expect Large Amou... Create 3 million dollars while you sleep: • -Create 3 MILLION... A) How to enter flow state instructions — • The Secret to ‘Un... 1)Videos on creating LOVE and specific relationships • Create Your Speci... B) “The secret to creating multiple desires at one time”. • Video 1)The meditation playlist for receptivity increase.”INCREASING YOUR SUCCESS IN FLOW STATE” • Neville Goddard S... 2)A shortcut to creating the life of your dreams. • A “SHORTCUT” to c... I also have a video where My grandfather explains his own testimonial where he creates his dance studio. True story and it’s is a testimonial in Neville Goddard’s “law and the promise”.Here’s the QUIK link to that video. !- • Neville Goddard |... 4)The original Ladder exercise from my grandfather EO Locker. • Neville Goddard-M... 5)My exercise for climbing the ladder. • Your life will ne... 6)36 questions and answers by Neville Goddard himself. Disclaimer: All content contained in my videos, both personal and general, are entirely my personal knowledge, experience and opinion and are intended for personal development purposes only. These videos and information are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information. I am not, and do not claim to be a medical doctor, therapist or licensed mental health professional. If you have a health problem, please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional. Any information received here should not be used in place of professional medical and/or psychological treatment. You alone are responsible for any of your choices, your decisions and your actions in life. Any use of information included in any of my videos is to be followed at your own risk and know that you are responsible for what you do with the information you choose to receive from this video or any of my material. All content is for entertainment purposes only and those under the age of 18 should not use this site except with adult supervision.

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